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Green transportation

Jerusalem, like other cities around the globe, now encourages the use of an effective, healthy, inexpensive and environmentally friendly mode of transport – the bicycle.

In recent years new bicycle paths have been paved throughout Jerusalem, enabling residents to move freely around the city without the need for private cars, and to enjoy athletic training, recreational outings, or peaceful rides to their places of work.

The bike paths traverse the length and breadth of Jerusalem: from Jaffa Road to the Central Bus Station; from Sacher Park and the Valley of the Cross up to Deer Valley; around the Museum District and the Knesset; from the Old City to Rehavia; from the Botanical Gardens to Deer Valley; and along the Armon Hanatziv promenade. Bicycle racks have been installed at the Light Rail stops and in the future bicycles will be rented out for short periods, for cycling in the city.

There are plans to link all the city’s neighborhoods to the Light Rail stops via bicycle paths, so that Jerusalem’s residents can benefit from clean, healthy and enjoyable transportation. There will eventually be a network of bicycle paths along the entire route of the Light Rail, including the Light Rail stops and major leisure activities centers. 
Ultimately, there will be designated bicycle paths alongside all the public transportation lanes; leading to lower pollution levels in the city and raising the quality of life of Jerusalem’s residents.