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IDF Square (Kikar Tzahal )

IDF Square, planned by the acclaimed architect Moshe Safdie, is a hub of pedestrian traffic and commercial and recreational activity. The Square is a meeting point between the Old City (a historic tourism hub) and the downtown area (a modern tourism hub) and is traversed by pedestrians who walk between Safra Square, the Mamilla Mall and Jaffa Gate. A small amphitheater has been built in the center of the square, and the platform built beside it offers a spectacular view of David's Tower and the Yemin Moshe neighborhood. 

In 2004 an underpass was built beneath IDF Square to divert vehicular traffic from Tzanchanim (Paratrooper) Street. The square used to be higher, but was lowered as part of the Light Rail project, to create a wider curve for the Light Rail to turn from Tzanchanim Street to Jaffa Road.

The square has an area of nearly one hectare, is paved with chiseled Jerusalem stone and is surrounded by trees, greenery, and sitting areas with a view of the Jaffa Gate.