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Davidka Square (Kikar HaDavidka )

Davidka Square, the largest urban square in Jerusalem, was planned jointly by Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta and Jerusalem architect Mendy Rosenfeld.
This square is on Jaffa Road, at the intersection of HaNevi'im and Kiach Road, and creates a meeting point between major traffic arteries, the Light Rail line and the pedestrian traffic. 

It is also a major cultural intersection, adjacent to ultra-Orthodox, as well as non-ultra-Orthodox, commercial and residential areas. The vibrant square has an arcade (covered passageway) along one side, white stone columns and numerous artistic and stylish elements such as distinctive lighting, granite paving stones, a specially designed Light Rail stop, and dozens of trees. 

Beside the Davika Memorial there is a pool with a channel of flowing water, surrounded by benches. The square also has a huge ornamental wall, six meters tall by 1.5 meters wide.