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Jaffa Road Pedestrian Mall (Rechov Yaffo Midrachov)

Jaffa Road, from Mahane Yehuda Market to Safra Square and the walls of the Old City, has been transformed into a spectacular and spacious pedestrian mall (midrachov). Only emergency vehicles and the Light Rail may operate in this are (during certain hours, trash collection vehicles and loading-unloading vehicles are also permitted). Thus, pedestrians may stroll here freely.

Numerous eye-catching elements have been installed along the length of the mall: granite stone paving, benches for sitting, decorative lighting and dozens of trees beautify this area, turning the mall into a pleasant, charming venue that attracts business people, tourists, and culture and recreation lovers. In order to create continuous stretches of pedestrian-friendly spaces, additional streets and pedestrian thoroughfares are being planned for the streets adjoining the Jaffa Road mall area.

A promenade is also being planned to connect the Jaffa Road mall to Independence Park (Gan HaAtzmaut), the Mamilla Mall, and the Damascus Gate (Sha’ar Shechem)
 shopping district.
In addition to public transportation to Jaffa Road, a ring road for private vehicles surrounds the city center.