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The Light Rail project is on its way!

The Light Rail project brings Jerusalem advanced multi-capacity technology that can move nearly 500 people in a single journey. The electrically-powered light rail is an environmentally friendly means of transportation, is accessible to all and exceptionally quiet.

The light rail travels on a standard 1.435 m.-wide track. The train has low floors, level with the floor in the Light Rail stops (35 cm. above the rails). This means that passengers enter the train directly from the station level, without stairs. This also makes the train easy to use for people with strollers, for the handicapped, the elderly and people with other physical disabilities.

The train will be the only vehicle along part of the route of the first line, without any other public transportation on that section. The train will get electricity through a system of overhead cables.

The train will receive priority at the traffic light system operated by the Jerusalem Center for Traffic Management. The ride from the terminus stations to the center of the city will take 15-20 minutes. Trains will depart every 4.5 minutes during peak hours; every 8 minutes throughout the day and every 12 minutes at night.

The first line will use Citadis 302 railcars manufactured at Alstom's factory in France; each train will have two cars. Each railcar will be equipped with 56 fixed seats, 8 folding seats and a capacity of 248 passengers.