"What is a "Rav-Kav?

The "Rav-Kav" card is a personal card with your name and picture on it, and is not transferable.
The cards are issued at special issuing stands, and all you need is your ID card. If you are eligible for special discounts bring the appropriate documentation with you.
The card can be charged by bus drivers, or you can charge it yourself at the automatic ticket vending machines at the Light Rail stops.
All discounts to students, senior citizens and other eligible persons will only applicable only via the "Rav-Kav" card. 
The"Rav-Kav" can be used throughout the entire country, on the various types of public transport operators that have adopted the "Rav-Kav" system.
Each card can store up to 8 “payment packages” in its memory – a Jerusalem multi-ride ticket or (kartisiya), monthly ticket (chofshi chodshi), and multi-ride tickets of other cities.
In the event of loss or theft, please go to a customer service counter, to receive a new "Rav-Kav" card for NIS 10.
You may be entitled to a monetary refund if your old card had a balance on it.

Why is it worth my while?
  • Convenience – The card is made of plastic, is valid for eight years, fits into your wallet and is easy to charge and use.
  • Time – Since you will not have to buy a ticket at the beginning of each trip or worry about small change, you will save valuable time.
  • Efficiency – The card may be used throughout the country, not just in Jerusalem.
  • Security – The card is personal (it bears your picture and ID number) and is insured. Thus, even if it is lost, stolen or damaged, you will not lose your money.

Important information:
  • Before using your "Rav-Kav" for the first time, you must charge your card at a ticketing stand of the relevant bus or train company.
  • Ticket prices vary depending on the company, region and period of use.For additional information, call the Kol Kav hotline at: *8787